Recycling & regeneration of agricultural plastic

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RecyOuest recycles and regenerates agricultural plastics in Normandy, France!            A unique worldwide waterless recycling solution for bale nets from agriculture.           We are committed to an innovative and eco-responsible approach.



250,000 t Agricultural nets and twines used worldwide every year.

In Europe

+ 120,000 t of agricultural nets and twines are used every year.

In France

11,000 t of agricultural nets are used every year.

In France

15,000 t of agricultural twine are used every year.

Understand the RecyOuest process in a minute

Founder and President of RecyOuest

"When I saw this waste, it immediately reminded me of the cotton fibers we have been working with in my family business for over a century. I was inspired by the techniques of the textile industry, to regenerate this deposit, into recycled plastic!"

Recyouest's story in a few dates

Recyouest was created in response to the problem of waste that had no solution. After many years, it took several phases to bring this project to fruition.
First, there were the fundamental research phases, the inventory, the bibliographical research, the patent registration, then it took a further two years for industrial testing, labeling and certification, as well as a pre-industrialization phase.
In the future, we’d like to duplicate this industrial unit in other parts of the world where the same issues apply.

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RecyOuest corporate values


Since its creation, Recyouest has been striving to limit its environmental impact on a daily basis.

The company opted for a wasteland to reduce its carbon footprint.


Recyouest provides a recycling service for agricultural plastics, offering an eco-designed environmental solution for companies in charge of plastic waste collection. 

An innovative process that meets the challenges of energy and ecological transition.
– No use of water or the cleaning the process
– Eco-designed to reduce carbon footprint
– Quality assured by strong traceability of the resource used.


Recyouest uses a circular economy approach to solve the plastics problem that had no solution.The regeneration of agricultural plastics is an important process for a reduced waste and environmental protection, as these end up in landfills.

RecyOuest Process

From the outset, RecyOuest has been committed to the circularity of its process by implementing an innovative circular economy concept, with an LCA carried out upstream. The aim was to reduce agricultural plastic waste and give it a second life. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we transform waste by recycling and regenerating it to produce our high-density raw materials. These recycled raw materials can then be reused in the manufacture of new agricultural products, helping to preserve natural resources and reduce carbon footprints.

Labels and certifications

We produce recycled HDPE from agricultural products

RecyOuest Products :


Features : Filtration  80/120/300 Microns compatible with agricultural bale nets

                                                       Packaging Big bag : Approx. 700 kg 


Features : Perfect for magistral preparations


Packaging Big bag : Approx.700 kg

Plastic Fibers

Features : No-woven technology 


                                                      Packaging Fiber bales : Approx.230 kg

Mix composite

Features : Plastic straw composite plastics/straw


Packaging Big bag : Approx.430 kg

Agricultural plastic collectors,
RecyOuest has the solution for you!

The management of used nets is a problem in your country and you are looking for a solution?

RecyOuest as the solution for you.

We take care of the high-density polyethylene round-bale netting you have collected from farmers.

This waste is then sorted, dry-cleaned agglomerate and extruded.RecyOuest regenerate used nets into recycled raw materials.

We provide to net manufacturer a rHDPE that can be integrated in new nets.

Recyouest Project is financially supported by :

Head office - Factory
13, avenue de l'industrie
61200 Argentan,
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Head office - Factory
13, avenue de l'industrie
61200 Argentan,